Great Women During the War

| February 20, 2019

Juno Beach and Beyond
Great Women During the War

During the Second World War, women experienced anxiety, fear, worry and loss, while holding on to hope.

They contributed to the war effort by working and by drawing upon their energy and skills to seize new opportunities and to successfully take on new responsibilities — often receiving little recognition in return.

They paved the way to profound social change.

This episode of Juno Beach and Beyond explores Great Women During the War, 1939-1945. This new temporary exhibition at the Juno Beach Centre was developed in partnership with the Canadian War Museum. The exhibition pays tribute to women — Canadian and European alike — in recognition of their courage and many unsung contributions during the war.

Flying Officer Dorothy Irene “Molly” Mulholland (far right) and her fellow RCAF nursing sisters in a field with poppies. The women served with No. 2 Field Hospital, supporting the 2nd Tactical Air Force in Normandy and Northwest Europe.

Time Stamps

5:20 Exhibit Origins

7:00 Big Ideas

9:00 Cosmopolitan Women

13:02 Stories that Resonate

20:15 Restrictions and Challenges

21:48 The War’s Legacy

26:22 Outstanding Artifacts

30:42 Behind the Scenes

Guest Biography

Marie Eve Vaillancourt is Exhibitions and Development Manager at the Juno Beach Centre Association. Previously, she worked at the Juno Beach Centre in France as History Department Manager. She worked closely with the team at the Canadian War Museum to make Great Women During the War a reality.

Britt Braaten is a Creative Development Specialist at the Canadian War Museum. Britt and her team helped transform the Canadian War Museum’s World War Women exhibition into Great Women During the War for the Juno Beach Centre.


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Dorothy Irene Mulholland


Juno Beach & Beyond is hosted and edited by Alex Fitzgerald-Black, the centre’s Digital Projects Coordinator.

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