Flag Sponsorship Program

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Visitors are filled with pride when they see the Canadian flag flapping in the breeze above the sands of Juno Beach. Help us ensure that there is always a pristine Maple Leaf flying at the Juno Beach Centre.

Support the Juno Beach Centre by sponsoring a Canadian flag. The Centre flies the Canadian flag or Maple Leaf every day, even on days with inclement weather. To keep these flags in acceptable conditions, they are replaced regularly at a cost to the museum. The importance of the symbolism these flags represent is paramount both to our staff and our visitors.

The minimum donation for each flag (measuring 100 x 200 cm), including shipping to an address of your choice and a certificate of authenticity, is $500.

Please fill out the donation form below, select “JBC Flag Sponsorship Program” in the funds list, and include the appropriate total amount. If your preferred shipping address is different from the address you provide below, please contact us directly through the email address below.

If you experience any issues with this donation form, please email jbca@junobeach.org

As a charitable organization the Juno Beach Centre Association has a strict no-refund policy on all donations made on its website, except in the event where a duplicate transaction occurs due to an error in the software or the processing.