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Museum in France

Nathalie Worthington
Director, Centre Juno Beach
Telephone: (33) (0)2.31 37.32.17

Juno Beach Centre Association in Canada

Kate Carlson
Media Relations and Communications Coordinator
Telephone: 1-905-466-4500

Press Releases

Press Release in Normandy

Youth circuit "Explore Juno"

Peter et Madeleine, the two virtual characters that guide visitors aged 7 to 12 throughout the Juno Beach Centre, will be replaced by a redesigned and modernized circuit, offering a completely new experience for families.

Press Release in Canada

Canadian D-Day Landings Remembered 77 Years Later

The Juno Beach Centre (JBC) today commemorated the 77th anniversary of D-Day with a ceremony and wreath-laying on the very beach where Canadian troops came ashore as part of the largest combined military operation in history.

Veteran, 96, Walking to Raise Funds for the Juno Beach Centre

Jim Parks, a 96-year-old veteran of the Second World War, took the first steps of a symbolic walk in honour of the 45,000 Canadians who lost their lives in the war. Mr. Parks was kicking off his role as the official ambassador for the Remembrance Day Races, a virtual run/walk event to raise funds for the Juno Beach Centre.

Defining Moments Canada

Juno75: Above and Beyond will spotlight the stories of 20 Canadians from across the country who were involved in the war effort in Normandy and beyond.