The Dieppe Enigma with David O’Keefe

| December 16, 2020

Juno Beach and Beyond
Juno Beach and Beyond
The Dieppe Enigma with David O'Keefe

Dieppe is a fishing port on the Normandy coast built along a long cliff overlooking the English Channel. On 19 August 1942, Canadian, British, American, and Free French troops staged a raid against the German-occupied town and nearby seaside villages. The result was a disaster. In one morning, 3,367 Canadian soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured out of a force of 4,963 men. 907 Canadian soldiers died in the raid, making it Canada’s deadliest day of the Second World War. 

Was the raid launched to appease American military leaders who sought action in 1942? To appease the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, whose forces were fighting desperately on the Eastern Front? To learn important lessons for the eventual landings that would come in June 1944? Today’s guest, David O’Keefe, offers a different purpose.  

His research suggests that Combined Operations Headquarters, under Vice Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, designed the Dieppe Raid to steal secret German codebooks and materials. In early 1942, the German armed forces introduced the four-rotor Enigma cypher machine. Suddenly, signals intelligence (codenamed Ultra) the British and their allies relied upon to route convoys around German U-boats in the North Atlantic went dark. Sinkings skyrocketed. In their desperation to solve the problem, Combined Operations initiated Operation Jubilee. The result was a pathetic failure. Bravery could not overcome reckless planning.

Bodies of Canadian soldiers lying among damaged landing craft and ‘Churchill’ tanks of the Calgary Regiment following Operation ‘Jubilee’ (Library and Archives Canada / C-014160).


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Time Stamps

4:15 The Ultra Secret

11:48 Ian Flemming

15:29 Pinch Policy

17:20 Rutter to Jubilee

21:40 The Raid

26:24 Traditional Excuses

35:14 Into a New Paradigm

Guest Biography

David O’Keefe, a former officer in the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment of Canada) is an award-winning historian, author, filmmaker and leading authority on Canadian military research. He made his debut on the podcast in July 2019 to discuss his book, Seven Days in Hell: Canada’s Battle for Normandy and the Rise of the Black Watch Snipers. David is also the author of One Day in August: Ian Fleming, Enigma and the Deadly Raid on Dieppe. He currently teaches history at Marianopolis College in Quebec. 


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