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| May 4, 2020

Liberation Routes Europe and Europe Remembers, partners of the Juno Beach Centre, offer you the opportunity to meet with witnesses of the Second World War, online!

Next Wednesday, May 6, you will notably be able to meet Gérard Verdonk, witness to the arrival of the Canadians in Bény-sur-Mer (Normandy), on June 6, 1944, whose portrait is presented on Juno in the outdoor exhibition circuit In Their Footsteps.

Gérard Verdonk, 18 in 1944, witnessed the fighting around Bény when the Canadian forces of the Régiment de la Chaudière arrived in the village. With his brothers and sisters, he helped a tank division of the Fort Garry Horse by indicating an enemy observation post hidden in the woods in front of the Verdonk farm.

Gérard is an emblematic witness on Juno Beach and we are proud that he represents Normandy for this European-wide operation to commemorate May 8, 1944.

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