Your family connections to V-E DAY

| April 28, 2020

Since we launched the exhibit Maple Leaves and Tulips: 75 Years, Then & Now, at the Juno Beach Centre  and on our website, many Canadians have shared their family stories with us

– Olivia, guide at the Juno Beach Centre, shared with us her family story: her paternal grandparents were of Dutch origin, and immigrated to Canada after the war.

Darrin DeCosta, visitor of the Juno Beach Centre, shared with us his family story: his grandfather, Edward Kobasiuk, was a Canadian soldier who landed on D-Day and went on to serve in the Netherlands, where he met a Dutch woman, Heintje Cohrs and get married with her.

What are your family connections to V-E Day ? Share them with us at


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