Young advisors to the JBC

| April 18, 2018

This past November, the Juno Beach Centre was delighted to welcome students from the Priory Federation of Academies visiting from England. They toured the museum and participated in the Puzzling Stories educational activity in the temporary exhibition ‘“From Vimy to Juno: Remembering Canadians in France”. The group also met with Pam Calvert, one of the Directors of the Juno Beach Centre Association in Canada, in order to share their invaluable insights about the JBC’s educational activities. Adopting the name ‘Team Juno’, the group has continued the conversation with us, becoming young advisors to the JBC!

Here’s what Team Juno had to say about the visit:

Whilst on our school’s Year 7 residential visit to France, we had the pleasure of visiting the Juno Beach Centre, where we took part in the ‘Puzzles’ activity.
We had the opportunity to meet with some of the staff at the Centre and also one of the Directors from Canada, who sought feedback from our group about what we liked about the activity and the museum. Since meeting Pam at the Centre, the group have been fortunate enough to discuss ideas for the new and upcoming exhibits with the team in Canada and France, giving ideas of what we all think makes the perfect activity and how the activity that we took part in can be improved to provide education to the groups that visit the Centre in the future.
Since all of our team is interested in history, we are keen to help introduce the topic of D-Day to a variety of age groups and hopefully pass on the love for history and the topic, even if it is in an indirect way.

A bit about the team, which includes 5 Year 7s (6th Grade) and one Sixth former (11th Grade):

Name (Year 7s) Favourite subjects
Liv B. Art and History
Isaac M. History and Modern Foreign Languages
Ria I. History, Art and Science
Hannah M. History, Art and Maths
Lewis W. Music and History

Message from Sixth Form leader (Emily J.):

I am so excited to have this chance to be able to bridge the gap between the students and the group in Canada and France. It’s so nice to hear the different ideas in our meetings at school. Some students are conducting their own research to help out, because they are so interested in the topic. I managed to go on the residential trip because I am hoping to be a teacher one day and was wanting some work experience within school. It’s nice to see the students in their lessons and, even though the trip was in November, they still talk about it as if it were yesterday. This chance is truly once in a lifetime and I am so pleased that I can be a part of it.

We have all seen that the topic of the D-Day landings doesn’t appear that much in our school curriculum, so we also hope that this opportunity will help us to expand our knowledge beyond the classroom and also have a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into designing an exhibit.

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