A Canadian BSA M20 motorcycle from 1944, donated to the Juno Beach Centre

| February 20, 2016

The Juno Beach Centre was honoured to welcome members of the Côte de Nacre Retro Motorcycle Club, along with Mrs. Yvonne Goulet and her nephew for a special donation to the Centre.

According to the last wishes of Mr. Bernard Goulet, his Canadian motorcycle, a BSA M20 from 1944, was left to the Juno Beach Centre following his death. He had recovered it from a ditch near Anguerny in the 1980s and restored it in conjunction with the CIFAC, located in Caen, where he taught courses in mechanics. Founder and ex-president of the motorcycle club, passionate about bikes, a friend of the Juno Beach Centre and of Canadians, Bernard Goulet had it in his heart to bequeath his bike to the museum.

Nathalie Worthington, director of the Juno Beach Centre, explains “I knew Mr. Goulet since the creation of the museum in 2003. He came to assist in all of our ceremonies, on his motorcycle that he left on display in front of the museum for the public to enjoy. Each time, he would remind me of his promise to leave the bike to the museum. He did it again on November 11, 2015 when he came to assist in our Remembrance Day ceremony on his motorcycle, before he passed away two days later at the age of 84.”

His promise is being kept today by his wife, his nephew, and his friends from the club who prepared the motorcycle for the donation: “We got rid of all of the liquids from the bike so that it could be displayed” explains Mr. Bernard Lemoine. According to Mr. Xavier Lemarchand, the president of the club, he brought some of the bike’s history and launched himself into researching it so that the Juno Beach Centre could compile a dossier of information on this beautiful artifact.

In memory of Mr. Goulet, the bike will temporarely be displayed in the hall of the museum, with free access, before finding it a place in the museum to illustrate the history in which it had a role to play.

11 novembre 2015

Bernard Goulet at the Juno Beach Centre on November 11, 2015 with his 1944 Canadian bike BSA M20.

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