Students’ day in memory of Canadian soldiers

| May 13, 2016

The Juno Beach Centre is pleased to share this experience received from Monsieur Nicolas François, from collège Saint-Exupéry in Andrésy (Les Yvelines – France).

As part of their Citizenship course, 3rd year students from Collège Saint-Exupéry of Andrésy in the Yvelines spent four days in Normandy at sites pertaining to the D-Day landings.

One of the highlights of their trip was a day spent commemorating Canadian soldiers. On that particular day, they were joined by Mr Ribault, Mayor of Andrésy, Mr Dos Santos, Deputy mayor in charge of remembrance and Mr Jacquet, director of the Mayor’s cabinet. Members of the National Union of Veterans (NUC) of Andrésy also joined in on the day’s activities.

Students, municipal representatives, and members of the NUC were thus able to, all together, visit the Juno Beach Centre. The museum and the educational activity using tablets (A Race against Time) were unanimously enjoyed by the students. Here are some of the comments that could be found in their travel logs.


I enjoyed the museum; the visit was interesting. I learned lots about the life of civilians. The film was super moving. What stays with me is the last image of a family walking along the beach, with soldiers following behind them. – Laura C.

The museum at Juno Beach was very good. It was very easy to understand because of the museum’s educational approach. The guides were adorable and so was their accent. –Celeste G.

I really enjoyed the activity. You can learn a lot of things while having fun! –Benjamin L.

The educational workshop was very good! Learning a bunch of things while exploring differently themed zones, all while having fun, was much better than simply being lectured at. –Andréa J.

The Juno Beach Centre is a modern museum that is very educational with lots of elements that brought precision to the role of Canadians during the Second World War. The educational activity with the tablets was a good change from the traditional pen and paper. –Alexandre B.


To end the day, a ceremony was organized at the Bény-sur-mer Canadian War Cemetery. After speeches from Mr Quensière (president of the NUC – Andrésy) and Mr Ribault (Mayor of Andrésy) a wreath was laid in memory of the sacrifice made by thousands of Canadian soldiers. Finally the students wished to recite a text that they had prepared for the occasion.

This visit to the Juno Beach Centre and the Bény-sur-mer Canadian War Cemetery served the dual purpose of being an exchange between generations, but also as a learning opportunity to make our young people aware of important civic values, such as engagement and attachment to liberty and democracy.

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