Exhibit military vehicles

| June 11, 2019

Many vehicles were on display at the Juno Beach Centre on Saturday, June 8, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

A big thank you to the Association Compagnie F les Fusiliers Mont Royal (ACF FMR) for the organization of this day. Philippe Ferrand, president of the association and all members of his association come every year for 3 years to exhibit vehicles of Second World War. Thanks also to all the participants who joined us this year!

On this day, members inaugurated the commemorative brick that ACF FMR has just acquired in honor of the Fusiliers. Philippe Mont Royal. Philippe Ferrand paid tribute to the regiment of Fusiliers Mont Royal who fought in Europe during the Second World War, but also to those who today go on foreign operations and contribute to peace in the world.

Then, Alicia and Paul, two young of ACF FMR, laid a wreath.

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