Books and Friends last Sunday at the JBC!

| November 26, 2017

The Friends of the Juno Beach Centre organized their first winter used-books fair in the museum’s multi-purpose room. But what is the association of the Friends of the Juno Beach Centre?

This local French Association was created a few years before the construction of the JBC in support of the Canadian museum project in memory of the role played by Canadians on Juno Beach and more widely during the Second World War. The first president of the association was Roger Alexandre, then mayor of Le Mesnil-Patry. He passed the relay to Hélène Forget, history teacher, while continuing to be present with Raymonde, alongside the museum staff.

For 8 years, at the end of June, the association has been organizing a used-books fair at Juno Beach Centre to support actions for the museum and its Canadian staff.

Many of you came to buy a book, discuss with members of the association and museum staff, immerse in history and a Canadian atmosphere!

Thank you to the Friends of the JBC and to everyone who came to offer or buy books!



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