Richard Edward Christmas

Lieutenant Richard Edward Christmas, 289
Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Royal Winnipeg Rifles

Lieutenant Christmas is sponsored by the City of Winnipeg and Dr. Richard Edward Christmas.
Lieutenant Christmas était parrainé par City of Winnipeg et Dr. Richard Edward Christmas.

I am proud to pay tribute to the memory of the 16 Winnipeg soldiers killed in action during the assault on the beachs of Normandy on June 6, 1944. These young men, representing a number of different regiments, gave their lives fighting for freedom. It is right and fitting to remember their sacrifice. I commend the Juno Beach Centre for its committment to creating a striking visual memorial during the 70th anniversary of D-Day. These markers remind us of each individual sacrifice, as well as the gravity of Canada’s loss.
– Mayor Sam Katz, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Richard Edward Christmas was educated at Lord Roberts School and St. John’s College in Winnipeg. He was very active in Boy Scouts and Rovers and an active member of St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg. Before joining the army he was employed by the British North American Insurance Company. Had he survived the war, he was considering two options; either joining the ministry in the Anglican church or furthering his career in the insurance industry. He joined the Royal Winnipeg Rifles in 1940 and received the commission of 2nd Lieutenant in August 1940.In July 1942 he went overseas with his battalion. For the first year he acted as an  instructor in a battle course. In March 1945 he was mentioned in a Despatch for distinguished service. He was wounded in action on Juno Beach on June 6, 1944 and died later of his wounds. His mother and father, Mabel and Herbert Edward Christmas were grieved and distraught as they did not receive confirmation of his death for weeks following the action. My father and mother, Herb and Ann Christmas, named me after my uncle and I have tried to be worthy of bearing that name in the way I have conducted my life.

– Richard Christmas

This Tribute Profile contains available biographical information on one of the Canadians who died on Juno Beach on 6 June 1944. The profile also recognizes the individual or organization who generously sponsored this soldier, and includes a message of thanks and remembrance for their sacrifice. This information is available in the soldier’s native tongue and has been compiled by the Lest We Forget program and, in some cases, through the generosity of individuals connected with the soldiers.  Due to the inconsistency of historical records and the sparse availability of first-hand witnesses, we know more about some than others. If you would like to contribute any material or help in our efforts to present the biographies in both French and English, please contact:

Ce portrait contient des informations biographiques relatives à l’un des Canadiens qui sont morts sur la plage Juno, le 6 juin 1944. Il porte également mention de la personne ou de l’organisation qui a généreusement parrainé ce soldat, ainsi qu’un message de remerciement en souvenir de son sacrifice. Ces informations sont disponibles dans la langue maternelle du soldat et ont été compilées par le programme Lest We Forget et, dans certains cas, grâce à la générosité des personnes liées aux soldats. En raison de la disparité des documents historiques et des rares témoins de l’époque, nous ne disposons pas de la même quantité d’information sur tous les soldats. Si vous souhaitez compléter notre documentation ou nous aider dans nos efforts pour présenter les biographies en français et en anglais, merci de contacter :