Jack Scott Cox

Flying Officer Jack Scott Cox, J22347
Brockville, Ontario
Royal Canadian Air Force 

Flying Officer Cox is sponsored by the Clearihue Family.
Flying Officer Cox était parrainé par la famille Clearihue.

Birth place and date: Jack was born in Brockville, ON on 30 September 1920.

Home town: Jack grew up in Brockville, ON.

Religion: Jack was a member of the Protestant Church.

Occupation: Before the war, Jack served as a junior clerk at CIBC Brockville.

Marital Status: Jack was married.

Next of kin: Jack’s next of kin was his father, George Eustace Cox.

Medals: Jack was awarded the Memorial Cross.

Burial location: Jack is buried at the Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery in France. He was 23 years old when he died.

Student’s final reflection:

Jack Scott Cox was an aircrew pilot who fought and died with honour during the Second World War. Unfortunately, his life was cut short on 6 June 1944 at just the age of 23.

The community he came from had respected him even before he had gone off to fight for our country. Though he was only ranked as a junior clerk, he was well known at the CIBC Brockville, Ontario.

Jack’s parents were George and Agnes Cox. Jack’s wife Hilda described Jack as having been a very gentle and a loving man. She also said that he was very well respected and a handsome and proud soldier. The two had been married for only three months before he left for war.

Though Jack is no longer with us, he remains with us in our hearts. He was a brave and respectable fighter and was missed deeply by all who knew him. Though his life was short, it was well lived and we hope that his name will never be forgotten. He deserves to be remembered.

Witten by: DJ, a student at Owen Sound Collegiate and Vocational Institute in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.
Rédigé par:
DJ, un élève de Owen Sound Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

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