Jack McGowan Kay

Corporal Jack McGowan Kay, B49550
Collingwood, Ontario
1st Hussars

 Corporal Jack McGowan Kay was sponsored by, and is remembered by,  his own  Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, Nieces, Nephews and Sisters remember Jack Kay.

“No man but could say of him thy task is o’er, well done!”

Jack McGowan Kay

Jack McGowan Kay and Evelyn

He was born in Comrie Scotland
In last century’s fourteenth Spring
And as a lad did heather beat
To put the Grouse to wing

From youth’s rough and tumble
And the climbing of the Bens
He soon found his life’s calling
In the gardens at St. Filans

To make his fortune and become
The man he hoped to be
He boarded steamer Montrose
And turned eighteen while at sea

In Canada he met and wooed
The lovely Evelyn, who’d say
Yes to the burr’d proposal
From “Scotty” Jack Kay

Tho’ life was full and tended
O’er homeland hung a pall
And for the freedom of his family
He answered country’s call

From Camp Borden with the Foresters
To New Brunswick eastern base
He’d soon be back in Britain
His destiny to face.

The lessons and the sport of youth
Learn’d on the hills o’ Lechkin
Now gave him strength and faith
To face the siren’s beckon

 The First Hussars his regiment
Sailed on that trysting day
To hit the beaches of Normandy
And bring closure to the fray

 For a score of years and more
Naught was heard from either hand
And then the search for heritage
Brought a son from distant land

 From family he would learn
How the times had shaped the man
O’ the hills and glens he loved
And his place within the clan

The years, how swift they’d flown
One could no longer say anon
To a sojourn at the resting place
Of Canada’s favoured son

From Juno’s beach and dunes
Thru the fields of Calvados
To marble gates that lead at last
To Beny’s sheltered rows.

Written by:  John Kay – Rédigé par : John Kay

This Tribute Profile contains available biographical information on one of the Canadians who died on Juno Beach on 6 June 1944. The profile also recognizes the individual or organization who generously sponsored this soldier, and includes a message of thanks and remembrance for their sacrifice. This information is available in the soldier’s native tongue and has been compiled by the Lest We Forget program and, in some cases, through the generosity of individuals connected with the soldiers.  Due to the inconsistency of historical records and the sparse availability of first-hand witnesses, we know more about some than others. If you would like to contribute any material or help in our efforts to present the biographies in both French and English, please contact: jbca@junobeach.org.

Ce portrait contient des informations biographiques relatives à l’un des Canadiens qui sont morts sur la plage Juno, le 6 juin 1944. Il porte également mention de la personne ou de l’organisation qui a généreusement parrainé ce soldat, ainsi qu’un message de remerciement en souvenir de son sacrifice. Ces informations sont disponibles dans la langue maternelle du soldat et ont été compilées par le programme Lest We Forget et, dans certains cas, grâce à la générosité des personnes liées aux soldats. En raison de la disparité des documents historiques et des rares témoins de l’époque, nous ne disposons pas de la même quantité d’information sur tous les soldats. Si vous souhaitez compléter notre documentation ou nous aider dans nos efforts pour présenter les biographies en français et en anglais, merci de contacter : jbca@junobeach.org.