The women who came before us

| March 8, 2017

March 8 International Women’s Day. We’re marking it by acknowledging the many ways that women have lived their lives in response to war.

We remember the bravery, courage, and spunk of the women who put their lives on the line; the CWACSs, Wrens, Nurses, and RCAF women’s corp – as well as the many women who have served in the Canadian Forces before and after the Second World War.

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We honour the strength and perseverance of the women who were left behind and had to continue making the world turn; like Grace MacNaughton, who watched her husband leave her and her two young children for a second war.


We celebrate the brilliance and dedication of the women who have made it part of their life goals to keep the memory of these Canadians and their sacrifices alive, like our very own Lise Cooper, co-founder of the Juno Beach Centre.


Thank you to the women who came before us and the millions of women today living their lives in spite of war; you continue to be inspirations to all of us.

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