The veterans of the 72nd D-Day anniversary

| June 8, 2016

During 72nd anniversary of D-Day commemorative ceremony, the Juno Beach Centre was honored to welcome nine veterans of Allied Forces. Thank you, gentlemen, for your service and your presence alongside the Canadians yesterday like today.

Harold Rowden

Harold Rowden, Canadian veteran from Ontario, he was a dispatch rider with the 13th Field Regiment, RCA who landed in Courseulles-sur-Mer on D-Day.

Frederick Hall

Frederick Donald Hall, British veteran. He was evacuated at Dunkirk and landed on D-Day at 4pm in Bernières with the 9th Survey Regiment attached to the Canadian Royal Artillery.

Victor Urch

Victor Urch, British Veteran. He was a Leading Seaman Gunner with the Royal Navy. He was posted to several Landing Craft in the sector of Courseulles, helping to land many Canadians on D-Day and for many weeks thereafter.

Frank Baugh

Frank Baugh, British veteran. He was a Signalman with the Royal Navy. He was posted to several Landing Craft on Sword and Juno Beaches on D-Day and for several weeks afterwards.

David Teacher

David Teacher, British veteran. He was Leading Aircraftsman 102 Beach Unit. He landed on Mike on D-Day and lived on the beach for the following 3 months.

Pat Moore

Patrick Moore, British veteran. He landed on Juno Beach, Mike sector on June 6, 1944 with the Royal Engineers.

bill taylor

Bill Taylor, British veteran. He who landed on Juno Beach at Bernières-sur-Mer on D-Day with the Royal Engineers.

Paul Heiser

Paul Heiser, American veteran. He landed on Omaha Beach in September 1944.

Tom Cave

Tom Cave, British veteran. He landed on June 6, 1944 on Juno Beach at Bernières-sur-Mer wih the Canadian 8th Brigade.

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