The JBC Unveils Two Mobile Apps

| October 6, 2015

We are very pleased to announce the launch of two new mobile applications for families and school groups developed for our temporary exhibition Grandma, what was it Like During the War? The Juno Beach Centre was thrilled to be awarded a grant from the Lower Normandy Region, as part of their call for projects for “Digital Services and Tourism of Memory in Normandy”.

The goal of the project is to adapt new modes of learning for teenagers in order to offer them an experience that is both fun and rewarding, while considering the different ways this age group experiences museums, either during a school visits, as a member of a family context, and ideally a visit with their friends.

SFor schools groups, the app helps the museum’s Canadian guides in their roles as educational mediators. It was conceptualized to generate interaction and conversation with the guide during the educational activities. The app is designed to foster more human interaction and team work so as to not isolate teenagers on their individual tablets. This is especially true since the application was conceived as a team game. The same line of thought was followed for the application designed for families. The activity encourages conversation between family members and ideally between several generations of the same family.

In the two approaches, the styles and formats of the questions and responses are varied. There are multiple-choice questions, reading questions, and analyses of pictures and documents of the period, sometimes using a “Snapchat” approach. Cartoons from the period and images of propaganda are integrated. Testimonies, as well as archival films and radio extracts reinforce the main themes of the exhibition. By answering the questions, participants will better understand the differences between life in France and life in Canada during the Second World War, as well as the hardship of life in an occupied country during times of war and in reconstruction.

SONY DSCDuring school visits, the interactive animation Race against Time is presented on tablets by a Canadian guide, and takes place in the different zones of the temporary exhibit. The class is divided into five teams who must correctly answer as many questions related to the themes of the exhibit as possible. All of the answers are pooled together and verified by the guide. Teachers can receive the questions/answers generated by the app for later classroom learning.

The results are displayed directly on the monitor in the exhibition hall. To help participants, hints (photos of the zone they need to find, audio and visual extracts) are shown throughout the exhibit and displayed on the tablet used by participants, allowing the guide to be a mediator between the functions of the application and the key messages of the exhibition.

bristol invitationFor Families, in the free application “Explore Juno Beach Centre,” the content and objective of responding to as many questions as possible remains the same. Scores are received on the spot, without the intervention of a guide. Families and groups of friends are invited to share their impressions and results on social media.

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