New Immersion Film “They Walk With You”

70e-2013-logo-vi_vignetteOne of the premiere events of the 10th Anniversary of the Juno Beach Centre in 2013 was the construction and opening of our new movie theatre. This new space was a major undertaking and we are extremely pleased with the final result. The new movie theatre can hold up to 62 people per show and we are extremely proud to be showing a new film, entitled “They Walk With You”, an Immersion in the Canadian Experience on D-Day and During the Battle of Normandy.

The 12 minute-film “They Walk With You”, produced exclusively for the Juno Beach Centre by Marianne Kushmaniuk and directed by Harvey Crossland, is a major part of marking the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy in 2014. Visitors can discover this new film during their visit of the museum.

filmAn immersive experience using powerful video and emotionally engaging audio, “They Walk With You” employs Second World War newsreel footage from a variety of sources and, along with dramatic recreations, re-enacts the role and sacrifice of Canadian infantry soldiers during D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. An infantry soldier in war is often not privy to the “big picture”; his job is to fight and try to survive. This new film immerses the audience in an infantry soldier’s experience.

“They Walk With You” is a very powerful and emotional film. After viewing it, visitors who choose to take part in a guided tour of the beach, with one of the Juno Beach Centre’s guides, have a new appreciation for the events that happened on D-Day and the historical importance of the site on which they are walking.

We hope to see you at the Juno Beach Centre for your own viewing.