Ted Barris and his group



We were pleased to welcome a group from Canada led by Ted Barris, the author of several books about the role played by Canadians in the Second World War, specifically « Juno, Canadians at D-Day ».

With the group was veteran Harry Watts, who was very happy to find a photo of him taken in April 1945 in Harderwijk, Holland, in the museum. No doubt that the young Canadians and their families who are part of this intergenerational trip enjoyed listening to him talk about the historical context of this photo which was taken 72 years ago.


The group was also accompanied by Jean-Pierre Bénamou, president of the D-Day Academy, whose Second World War-era vehicles brought part of the group and were on display in front of the museum during the visit.


Thank you everybody for your visit, thank you Harry, and thank you Ted and Jean-Pierre!

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