Tatiana and “La Canadienne”

| September 10, 2017

On 10 September, Tatiana, Canadian guide at the Juno Beach Centre, participated in “La Canadienne” with her mother, visiting her in Normandy. For the 14th year, this sporting event, in the Saint-Germain-La-Blanche-Herbe sector, is a tribute to the Canadian soldiers who gave their lives for freedom in Normandy.

By chance, Tatiana and her mother found a group of Canadians who also participated in the race and who had visited the Centre before doing so (and much loved their visit!).

At the request of the race organizers, it was one of those Canadians who launched the start of the race! Congratulations to Tatiana and her mother, congratulations to our friends from Canada. We are proud the Juno Beach Centre was represented for this beautiful sporting and commemorative event!

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