Special Juno Park Tour Schedule June 5 & 6

| May 15, 2015

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ATTENTION :  A special Juno Park tour schedule is in place for June 5 and 6, 2015

Due to the commemorative ceremonies and events surrounding the 71st anniversary of D-Day and the Normandy Landings, a special tour schedule is in place for our guided tours of Juno Park and the bunkers:

Friday June 5 (4 tours are available):
– at 10h30 and 16h30 in English
– at 11h30 and 15h30 in French

Saturday June 6 (3 tours are available):
– at 12h30 in English
– at 14h30 in English
– at 15h30 in French

Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that the Juno Beach Centre will be closed to visitors on the morning of June 6 from 9h30 to 11h30. The public is invited to attend a special Canadian ceremony at 10h00 in front of the Juno Beach Centre on Garth Webb Esplanade.

— The Juno Beach Centre Staff