Royal Canadian Mint Issues Commemorative Coins for Juno75

| January 8, 2019

June 6, 2019 will mark 75 years since 14,000 Canadians stormed Juno Beach and helped begin the liberation of Northwest Europe from Nazi Germany. The Royal Canadian Mint has seen fit to mark the anniversary by issuing commemorative coins.

There are two designs. The first coin features an artist’s take on the now-famous film footage of soldiers from the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment leaving their landing craft near Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer. As they move to leave the landing craft, one soldier with a wedding ring on his hand pats the soldier in front on the back. This puts a human face on what was a massive event with global significance. There is a second version of this coin being issued as part of a 7-coin set.

The second coin features the imprint of a Canadian soldier’s boot on Juno Beach. The objective of Canadian troops on D-Day was to gain a foothold in France. Of the 359 Canadians who died that day, many of them took their last steps on Juno Beach. The coin also features a maple leaf positioned between the years 1944 and 2019. This maple leaf is in the shape of the leaf seen on Canadian Army flags and vehicles during the war.

The Juno Beach Centre Association, along with prominent Second World War historians, assisted and supported the Royal Canadian Mint in development of the designs for these commemorative coins. You will notice that the silver dollar coin featuring the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment assault closely resembles our Juno75 logo, which served as inspiration for the design. The Royal Canadian Mint is also working on a circulation toonie which will feature multiple colours and include an image of four soldiers and a sailor.

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