Rest in Peace Ted Young

| February 17, 2018

Update: We learned today that British veteran Abraham Edward (Ted) Young has passed. Here is the letter we received from his daughter and son in law to whom we address our sincere condoleances as well as to their family. We will remember Them.

It is with great sadness that I have to break the news that my dad Sapper Ted Young, aged 94, passed away suddenly but peacefully on the 10 February at 8pm. He still had the infectious smile upon his face that everyone loved around the globe and will be missed by many. He was a great man, a true gent, an inspiration to all who knew him and as all Sappers have, an eye for the ladies. He loved his family very much and had great joy when surrounded by children wanting his autograph and picture in France every year. He has had an adventurous last 12 months going to St James Palace, Buckingham Palace, Normandy and Holland.

Dad was born in Myle End, Colchester on 28 December 1923, the only son of a farmhand. He worked on the farm with his father picking blackcurrents. He tried to join the Army at 15 but was to young so joined the Home Guard, delivering messages from post to post and guarding Colchester Railway Station. At the age of 17 he went to joining up telling everyone he was 19. They asked him what he could do and he replied drive a tractor. Their reply was Royal Engineers for you.

He trained at Barnet Stacey before serving in Northern Ireland, several places in Scotland including Shetland, D Day on Juno Beach with the 3rd Canadians. They were responsible for constructing B4 Airfield at Bény-sur-Mer for the Canadian Spitfires to land. Then off to Pegasus Bridge where they pretended to wash in the river but actually swam to the bar on the other side for a quick pint. Working his way through Caen and Calais he then went to Ypres working his way through Belgium to Holland where he stood on a German booby trap and spent several months in hospital in Helmond and eventually arriving in Hanover where he spent 15 months before returning to the UK.

He left the RE’s in December 1946 and continued to work with heavy machinery until he retired at the age of 75.

Fight the good fight is now over, Rest in Peace, enjoy meeting your old mates in the Heavenly Bar but remember dad, only a shandy please.

Paul and Irene (Richards)

At the Juno Beach Centre, we remember Ted’s visit in June 2017.

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