Québec author Nicolas Paquin at the JBC

| August 17, 2017

Thank you Nicolas Paquin, who came from Quebec, to meet with visitors of the Juno Beach Centre and present his trilogy “Les Volontaires” published by Les Editions du Phoenix (in French). The books pay tribute to the Canadians who fought in France, including those who participated in the Dieppe Raid (Operation Jubilee) as the city of Dieppe will commemorate the 75th anniversary of that raid on August 19.

The books for teenagers (but also for a broad audience) fit perfectly at the Juno Beach Centre whose DNA is strongly marked by remembrance for younger generations.

If you were not at Juno Beach today, meet with Nicolas Paquin in Dieppe very soon!

Nicolas Paquin is one of the few Francophone author’s devoted to introducing a teenage audience to the Second World War from the French Canadian point of view. His books have been met with great critical and commercial success!

Volume I: Sous le feu de l’ennemi
Tribute to Gilbert Boulanger, a veteran of RCAF bomber command (and who the local primary school in Courseulles-sur-Mer is named after)
Volume: Combattre dans l’ombre
Tribute to Jacques Nadeau, veteran of the Fusiliers Mont-Royal
Volume III: Théâtre de guerre
Tribute to Ross Eveleigh Johnson, veteran of the RCAF killed in Normandy

Books for sale at the Juno Beach Centre shop: 10 € per book. contact@junobeach.org

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