Two families have a common bond

Franco-Canadian friendship endures, generation after generation. Today was the case once again at the Juno Beach Centre during a special get together to give the bracelet of a Canadian soldier back to his family, after 73 years.

The Cole family, from London, Ontario and the Caron family, a local family, came to meet for the first time at the Juno Beach Centre.  In 1986, Jean Marc Caron, a farmer in Colomby-sur-Thaon, found the bracelet of a soldier while ploughing his field.  The soldier was Curtis McLam Cole, of the First Hussars, killed on August 15th, 1944.

The Caron family had been looking to locate Cole’s family for decades.  Today, after 30 years, they were finally able to give them the bracelet back as Cole’s nephew came to retrace his uncle’s footsteps.

Lieutenant Curtis Cole is buried at the Bretteville-sur-Laize cemetery.  He was 29 years old.

Thank you to both families for chosing the Juno Beach Centre for ths very moving and symbolic event.

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