Remembrance Day at Weston Golf Club

| November 1, 2014

UPDATE: A big thank you to all the golfers who participated in the Weston Golf and Country Club Remembrance Day tournament. Thanks to your support over $12,000 was raised for the Juno Beach Centre. 

We hope to see you all out on the greens again in 2015.

The Weston Golf and Country Club is once again hosting a special tournament being held on Remembrance Day. For the past 11 years, a group of veterans, current serving Canadian Forces members, Weston Club Members, and Directors  of the Juno Beach Centre Association have come together to enjoy a game of golf and to raise funds to sponsor bricks to honour Canada’s fallen Afghanistan soldiers. This year the Weston Golf and Country Club has set a new goal to raise $10,000 which will go into sponsoring bricks for 40 soldiers. A total of 158 Canadians have been killed in Afghanistan since the beginning of the conflict, as well as many others who took their own lives because of experiences they had while serving.

From Jack Brown, lead organizer:

For many of us at Weston, our golf season is at an end. The clubs have been sent south or gone to storage in our basement or garage. Weston has however one more event on our calendar. That is our Remembrance Day event.

For many years, Weston has held a Remembrance Day event. We have breakfast and convene on the patio for a service of remembrance. After that we play golf and have lunch. The speaker is someone who is associated with Juno Beach. This year it is General Ernest Beno, a Director of the Center. For many years it was Bruce Melanson who fought that day on Juno Beach. Bruce passed away last year but a memorial sits at the center from Weston remembering a great person.

Monies raised, go toward purchasing a brick to go on the wall of remembrance. Last year it was different. The funds raised went to remembering a soldier who fell in Afghanistan. We were able to put the names of 14 veterans on the wall. Each brick costs $250.00. This year we would like to raise $10,000.00 to remember 40 veterans. A total of 158 Canadians fell in Afghanistan as well as over 170 others who took their own lives because of experiences they had while serving.

The day is open for any person wanting to play that day not just members. Should you know any person wishing to participate please have them call the Pro Shop. The cost for all is $150.00 of which $100.00 goes towards the Juno Beach Center. A charitable tax receipt is available on request. Breakfast is served prior to the service at 10 AM. Lunch is after the game.

Please join us on that day.

Jack Brown

The day includes a special breakfast beginning at 10 AM, followed by golf and lunch. This year’s speaker is Brigadier-General Ernest Beno, Juno Beach Centre Association Director. Members and non-members of the club are welcome to participate with a fee of $150, ($100 being donated to the Juno Beach Centre). For more information, please contact the Weston Club House at 416-241-8538.

A special thanks to the Weston Golf and Country Club for hosting this great event and to all those who will be participating.

The Juno Beach Centre wishes you luck and we will see you on the green!

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