RCMP Corporal Veronica Fox visits the JBC

| May 14, 2016

Corporal Veronica Fox of the RCMP (section 810 Coordinator) visited the Juno Beach Centre today where she could discover the temporary “The Royal Canadian Mounted Police: A Canadian Tradition” presented this year in the hall of the museum. Cpl Fox is carrying out a remembrance trip with her mother, following in the footsteps of her grand-father, Sgmn Clyde Griffith, who was a signalman with the Royal Corps of Signalmen, Princess Patricia. They hope to learn more about his participation in the Second World War.

griffith, clyde2It is a family tradition to serve Canada and helping people has always been part of my life so signing up with the RCMP was just obv
ious. Working for the RCMP just gives me the opportunity to do many different works including media work and working with youths and brings me so much experience with helping people. I also like the military traditions so it is just the perfect work for me.

Working with men has never been a problem for me, indeed some of my colleagues has become like brothers and others even mentors. But I now meet with much more women and I am proud to be one of them.

I am very moved and happy with our visit because we learnt so much. I am pleased to see our memory being transmitted here at the Juno Beach Centre and to see that you do it with so much heart.

The museum staff was very pleased to welcome Veronica Fox and her mother!

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