Raid on Dieppe, 72 Years On

A few days before the 72nd anniversary of the Raid on Dieppe (August 19, 2014), the Juno Beach Centre is pleased to have welcomed the Vennat-Barrette family.

Chantal Vennat visited the museum with her daughter Amélie (15) and Mathieu (18) to pay tribute to Chantal’s grand-father, lieutenant André Vennat, from the Fusiliers Mont Royal Regiment who died in Dieppe on August 19, 1944.

Lieutenant André Vennat was the father of Pierre Vennat, regimental historian of the Fusiliers Mont Royal, past Honourary President of Veterans’ Week in Québec and recipient of a commendation by the  Minister of Veterans Affairs.

The Vennat-Barrette family was able to see the brick purchased by Pierre Vennat in memory of his father. The Juno Beach Centre, dedicated to the history of Canada in the Second World War, is proud to gather at Juno the memory of Canadian families who lost someone during the dark years of the Second World War.

We will remember them.

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