Race Against Time (from 11 years old)


Elliot_deboutAn interactive activity on tablets, led by a Canadian guide, enriched with authentic period objects. The app encourages teenagers to gain a greater understanding of the concepts of Occupation and Liberation from 1940 to 1944. The class is divided into five teams. Each team must respond correctly using their respective tablets to the highest number of questions on the themes of the exhibit within a limited time. The Canadian guide leads a group discussion based the results of all the teams. Teachers may obtain the Q&A from the App to further explore the topics back in the classroom.


  • SONY DSCReservation required
  • Presentation for groups visiting the museum
  • Maximum number of students per presentation: 40
  • Recommended age group: 11 years & older
  • Length of presentation: 45 minutes.
  • Cost: 1.50€ per person for groups visiting the museum.
  • Time of presentation: to be determined upon reservation and according to availability of guides.

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