Queen’s Own Rifle Boys Hitch-Hike to Juno Beach

| April 11, 2018

In the summer of 1944, only a couple months after they’d landed on D-Day, several men from The Queen’s Own Rifles retraced their steps to pay tribute to their fallen comrades. One of the men, Rifleman Hugh Lamb, recorded their experiences in photographs.

These men used their valuable leave-time in order to spend time remembering the friends they’d lost by returning to Juno Beach. More than 70 years later, the Juno Beach Centre stands as a memorial where others can gather to remember.

Wes Huff and Hugh Lamb at the spot they went over the wall on D-Day.


The station a few yards from the landing beach.


Graves of the Queen’s Own Rifles who were killed on the beach.


Graves of the Queen’s Own Rifles.


A Rifleman looking out onto stretchers on the beach at Berniéres-sur-Mer.


Article from a Toronto newspaper describing the journey.


All material courtesy of the Queen’s Own Rifles Regimental Museum.

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