Juno75 is underway at the Juno Beach Centre

Temporary exhibition coming March 1, 2019

Great Women During the War 1939–1945

An exhibition developed by the Canadian War Museum, in partnership with the Juno Beach Centre. 

During the Second World War, women experienced anguish, fear, worry, mourning, as well as hope.
They contributed to the war effort, worked, mobilized their energy and their skills to seize new opportunities, and successfully fulfilled new responsibilities, often receiving little recognition in return.
They paved the way for profound social change.
This exhibition pays tribute to some of these women, Canadian and European, in recognition of their bravery and their humility.

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New youth circuit to discover as a family or as a class coming February 1, 2019

Explore Juno as a Family / Explore Juno as a Class

Beginning in February 2019, Peter Madeleine, the two virtual characters that guide visitors aged 7 to 12 throughout the Juno Beach Centre, will be replaced by a redesigned and modernized circuit, offering a completely new experience for families. With interactive modules, including a digital app on tactical screens, the museum will be further adapted to a young audience.

From primary and secondary school groups, two new digital apps will enable teachers to take part in a visit led by a Canadian guide, before concluding around a giant tactile tablet where they will discuss current topics related to Canada today.

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