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| January 13, 2020

June 6th 2018

Poem ODE AUX FAMILLES DES ALLIES translated from French.

Ode to Allies’ families
Your fathers and your sons, were all unknown to us,
They ignored the soil which waited for them.
They confided their last thoughts to letters,
Texts fraught with anguish and fervour
Anguish to die, fervour to free Europe.
The word Liberty was their only common point,
Union between the oppressed and the liberators,
The same dignity in lieu of standard.
What was a mere word evolved into a sacrifice,
A deluge of fire transformed them into the missing,
Spouses, mothers, sisters, brothers were to be separated,
The soil of France offered them a shroud.
On the eve of the 6th of June, they became our Brothers,
By the blood shed on the stones of the nazi wall.
Ineluctable immolation to kill the monster,
Martyrs paving the way to democracy.
If the sand has forgotten ephemeral marks,
Landscapes have kept their scars,
Bunkers, cemeteries, will testify to it.
Our eternal thoughts are forever with you,
And so is the inextinguishable debt of your grief.
Keeping their memory is our honour,
A permanent tribute, while preserving Peace.

Jean-Pierre THIRY
Friend of the Juno Beach Centre

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