The Roseland Spitfire with Tom Hennessy

| September 19, 2018

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The Roseland Spitfire with Tom Hennessy

It’s not every day that a veteran reunites with the aircraft he flew during the war. You may recall that a couple of episodes back we interviewed a Second World War Spitfire pilot during a visit to the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association in Windsor, Ontario.

The name of that veteran is Tom Hennessy. Irish by birth, Tom joined the Royal Air Force in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He completed his flying training in the United States on aircraft the CH2A has in their hangar, including the Stearman and Harvard.

Perhaps even more exciting for Tom was Dave Hadfield’s visit. Dave, brother of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, arrived in the newly restored Roseland Spitfire from Vintage Wings of Canada in Gatineau, Quebec. Tom flew Spitfires during the Second World War, so it was a real thrill to capture Tom’s experience reuniting with his old fighter plane.  

After we chatted with Tom about the Spitfire and his experiences during the war, Tom and Dave had their own discussion. Then Dave invited Tom to sit in the cockpit. Dave recounted the scene: “He hopped into the seat, grabbed the stick, checked the panel, then grinned at me. If we were parked outside I think he might have borrowed it.” Tom is 96-years-old.  

Now retired after a long career teaching physical education in southwestern Ontario, Tom is in impeccable shape. Tom’s mind is still sharp, his memories are vivid, and his ready wit always makes for an enjoyable conversation.

Tom in the cockpit of his Spitfire situated in what looks to be a blast pen (Malta, 1943). Notice that the squadron identifier (T) and aircraft identifier (M) form Tom’s name with the RAF roundel. (Hennessy Collection)

Time Stamps

2:00 First Impressions of the Roseland Spitfire

9:00 Night Flying in Malta

11:50 First Flights in a Spitfire

16:45 Memorable Missions from Malta and Italy

28:18 Tom in Conversation with Dave Hadfield

38:15 Dave Invites Tom to Sit in the Cockpit

39:30 Dave’s Q&A about the Roseland Spitfire

Guest Biography

Tom Hennessy is a Second World War Spitfire pilot originally from Ireland. After the war, he moved to Canada and became a physical education teacher in southwestern Ontario.

Dave Hadfield is a former Air Canada pilot who volunteers at Vintage Wings of Canada, flying warbirds like the Roseland Spitfire and the “Stocky” Edwards Kittyhawk.


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Juno Beach and Beyond is hosted and edited by Alex Fitzgerald-Black, the centre’s Digital Projects Coordinator.

A very special thank you to the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association (CH2A) for hosting us for this podcast, and to Tom Hennessy and his wife for making the trip.

Thank you also to Dave Hadfield for bringing the Roseland Spitfire out to Windsor and for taking the time to converse with a fellow Spitfire pilot.

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