Kicking in the Door with Cool Canadian History

| February 19, 2020

Juno Beach and Beyond
Kicking in the Door with Cool Canadian History

In February 1945, the First Canadian Army began its largest battle of the Second World War. Canadian, British, Belgian, Dutch, and American forces struck into the Rhineland, gateway to the Ruhr, Nazi Germany’s industrial heartland. With nearly a half-million Canadian and Allied troops under his command, General Harry Crerar commanded the largest military force ever assembled under a Canadian general. 

The Battle of the Rhineland, characterized by flooded terrain, muddy roads, cold and damp winter weather, and sometimes fanatical German resistance, lasted a month. Canadian troops suffered 5,300 killed, wounded, and missing before Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery’s forces crossed the Rhine in mid-March 1945. Here Canadian paratroopers participated in their final and most successful combat drop of the war. In less than a month three Canadian soldiers earned the Victoria Cross, the British Commonwealth’s highest award for valour in combat. 

This is a special crossover episode of Juno Beach and Beyond, co-produced with Cool Canadian History, a bi-weekly Canadian history podcast exploring all the wild, wacky, weird and wonderful stories that make up the history of the great nation of Canada.

Corporal Urban Mayo of the 13th Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (R.C.E.), reading a sign which states, ‘You are entering Germany – Be on your guard’, Wyler, Germany, 9 February 1945 (Lieut. Michael M. Dean / DND / LAC / PA-143945).


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Guest Biography

Borys David Borys is a Canadian military historian at Langara College in Vancouver, BC who specializes in the Canadian war experience in the 20th century. His first book, set to be released in 2021, is a groundbreaking examination of Fist Canadian Army Civil Affairs in northwest Europe from 1944-1945. He is the writer, producer and host of the popular Canadian history podcast Cool Canadian History and has been seen on such television programs as APTN’s Nations at War and National Geographic’s Hitler’s Last Stand.


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Juno Beach & Beyond is hosted and edited by Alex Fitzgerald-Black, the Juno Beach Centre Association’s Operations and Outreach Manager.

Kickin in the Door: Canada Invades Nazi Germany is written by Alex Fitzgerald-Black and read by David Borys, the host of Cool Canadian History.

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