Bonus: Tiffy Boys with Wally Ward, Doug Gordon & Harry Hardy

| August 21, 2019

Juno Beach and Beyond
Bonus: Tiffy Boys with Wally Ward, Doug Gordon & Harry Hardy

Editor’s note: This episode is part two of an episode titled The Typhoon Project. It can be listened to as a stand-alone, but those unfamiliar with Typhoons and their pilots will find the previous episode provides useful context.

This bonus episode is called Tiffy Boys. The Tiffy was the common nickname given to the Hawker Typhoon fighter-bomber during the Second World War. 

Following on our last episode, Tiffy Boys features interviews with three Typhoon pilots who flew during the Battle of Normandy with 440 Squadron RCAF. 

We’ve organized this episode into three parts. In part one, we have a brief conversation with Walter (Wally) Ward. Our second interview is with Doug Gordon, who, along with Wally, shares his experience as a Typhoon pilot on D-Day. Part three features bonus audio from our conversation with Harry Hardy in the previous episode. 

Special thanks go to Anne Gafiuk and The Typhoon Project for introducing us to these veterans.    

Tiffy Boys is dedicated to the memory of Walter (Wally) Edward Ward. These interviews took place in early 2019 and Wally passed away on May 30th 2019. Per Ardua Ad Astra. 

Members of 440 Squadron RCAF pose with a Hawker Typhoon in Normandy, August 1944 (DND / LAC / PL-31057).

Time Stamps

2:12 Part I: Walter Ward

10:15 Part II: Doug Gordon

31:45 Part III: Harry Hardy

Guest Biography

Walter Ward was a Second World War Typhoon pilot. He served with 440 Squadron RCAF and flew more than 100 operations (ops), including D-Day. After the war, he pursued a degree in English literature and became a high school teacher. He passed away on May 30th 2019, at 96 years of age.

Doug Gordon, 96, is a Second World War Typhoon pilot. He served with 440 Squadron RCAF from March to November 1944, flying two missions on D-Day. He flew 99 ops in total. After the war, Doug worked for a GM car dealership, first as a Service Advisor and later as Leasing Manager. 

Harry Hardy is a Second World War Typhoon pilot. After a tour that spanned the Battle of the Falaise Pocket to beyond the Battle of the Bulge, Flight Lieutenant Hardy received the Distinguished Flying Cross. At 97 years old, Harry has worked since his retirement to raise awareness of the Typhoon — giving his beloved plane its due.


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