For Families and Youth

At the Juno Beach Centre, two virtual guides, Peter and Madeleine, are available to accompany young people through their visit and invite them to discover the museum with interactive games and hands-on presentations. Follow along with them!

peter and madeleine

PARENTS: Download the Peter and Madeleine quiz in advance of your visit and request a copy when you arrive on site.

Discover the new “Puzzling Stories” mobile app which accompanies the temporary exhibition “From Vimy to Juno: Remembering Candians in France” . Thanks to 12 interactive challenges to solve on a giant tactile tablet or on a smartphone, visitors assemble the puzzles, which tell them the stories of three Canadian families and one French family, from 1914 to the modern day.

expo famille copy

This project has been selected by the call for projects « Services numériques innovants et tourisme de mémoire en France » organized by DGE Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances, DMPA Ministère de la Défense and Région Normandie. With the support of Crédit Agricole de Normandie.

The Centre has also developed a specialized program of educational presentations for visiting school groups that enables students to have a unique experience on-site.

As was the wish of the veterans who founded the museum, the Juno Beach Centre is adapted to the younger generations.