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Explore Juno as a Family

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Using interactive modules and touchscreens, the “Explore Juno as a Family” youth circuit makes visiting as a family more engaging and accessible.
Each module enables children and teens to reflect on historic concepts addressed specifically to them. Let your children take the lead or encourage them to win “poppy points”. Interactive games tied to the permanent exhibition permit a deeper understanding of themes such as immigration, total war and dictators. Above all, the contents bring forth the experiences of men and women as well as youth who experienced the Second World War. This experiential visit encourages dialogue and critical thinking among all age-levels. At the end of the circuit and gathered around a giant screen, tally up your points together as a family, and learn more about Canada today, its culture, geography, climate and people.

“With Explore Juno, I discovered what it was like for youth my age during the war. It made me think.”
Thomas, 11 years old.

With the support of Région Normandie

The Centre has also developed a specialized program of educational presentations for visiting school groups that enables students to have a unique experience on-site.

As was the wish of the veterans who founded the museum, the Juno Beach Centre is adapted to the younger generations.

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