On being a JBC Guide…

| November 8, 2016

2016 guide, Luke, reflects on being a guide at the Juno Beach Centre:

I have always been curious about Canada’s history and involvement on the world stage, and I have also had a desire to explore new cultures; this job, on the wonderfully windswept coast of Normandy, has allowed me to expand these interests. Working at the Juno Beach Centre is an incredible opportunity to share Canada’s history as well as encounter people from all across Europe and even the world.

In my time here, I am lucky enough to say that I have forged friendships with the other guides. Being in a new place in a foreign country can be daunting, but going out and exploring on your own or with colleagues is very rewarding. It also helps that as much as you are curious about the new culture you’re encountering, the people you meet are often just as curious about our Canadian culture, which adds to the whole experience.

This job has made me not only prouder to be Canadian but also to be a citizen of the world. For all these reasons, I really do encourage anyone who is passionate about Canada’s history and role on the international stage to apply for this once in a lifetime experience.

Why not join the Juno Beach Centre’s Guide Team for an incredible work experience in France? The Centre’s Student Guide Program is a wonderful opportunity for young Canadians to experience life in Normandy, France while sharing Canada’s rich military history with visitors from all over the world. The last 2017 application deadline is November 25!

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