The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment on D-Day

The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment was an infantry battalion in the 8th Canadian Infantry Brigade of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. The original membership of the battalion hailed from the woodlands, farms, and coastal towns of northern New Brunswick. Their mission on D-Day was to storm and capture the seaside village of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer (code-named Nan Red sector, at the eastern end of Juno Beach). From there, they were to advance inland and seize the fortified village of Tailleville and the forest to the south for the eventual assault on the radar station near Douvres-la-Délivrande. According to historian Marc Milner, “No other Canadian D-Day beach had such strong inland obstacles behind it.” Their casualties of 34 killed and 90 wounded on June 6th attest to this fact.

If you are planning a visit to Saint-Aubin, this document outlines memorials, monuments, museums, landmarks, and cemeteries to visit. Most of these sites are marked on the map by red circles.

The following is a list of soldiers from the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment killed on June 6th 1944. Click on each name below to download the soldier’s biography. Click here to download the list of names along with information about where they were killed and which company they belonged to.

Roll of Honour

Roger Ashford

Alfred Blanchard

Claude Bransfield

Rupert Clancy

Murns Clouston

Victor Crabbe

Harold Daley

Aldie Doucet

Bruce Elliott

Gordon Ellis

Norman Forker

Clyde Gallan

Antoine Gionet

Bernard Hache

Lionel Hache

Andrew Irving

Emerson James

Earl Kingston

Levi Landry

Harold Lewis

Archie MacNaughton

James Ralph Main

John Thomas Mallaley

Hugh McCormack

George McLeod

Earl Palmer

Randolph Pitre

Edward Rigley

Joseph Edgar Roy

Albert Savoy

Arthur Strang

John Walker

Joseph Walsh

Lambert Wiggins

In addition to this list of North Shore soldiers killed on D-Day, the battalion kept a disembarkation list of soldiers who landed on Juno Beach on June 6th 1944 and in the weeks thereafter. The original list is available as a scanned PDF and as a searchable Excel spreadsheet with casualty data and company identification.

Information and biographies from Bruce Morton (6/24/2020)

What They Wore on D-Day


Legacy of Honour video interviews featuring North Shore Regiment veterans:

Heritage Minute featuring the story of Major Archie MacNaughton and his men on D-Day:

Private George Herman Baker:

In 2019, the Royal Canadian Mint issued a commemorative silver dollar for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The coin features an artist’s take on the now-famous film footage of soldiers from the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment leaving their landing craft near Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer. As they move to leave the landing craft, one soldier with a wedding ring on his hand pats the soldier in front on the back. This puts a human face on what was a massive event with global significance. The soldier who turned to face the camera was Private George Herman Baker, a member of Major MacNaughton’s company. Private Baker’s biography is available here.

The Juno Beach Centre Associated played a role in designing this coin. Private Baker is also featured on our very own Juno Beach logo, first used to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day or Juno75.

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