New: The Juno Park self-guide

| July 28, 2016

GBDiscover the new Juno Park guide for a self-guided visit. This guide allows you to discover the Juno Park and the various historical remains and monuments dating from the Second World War.

Along the route, you will discover the remains of the Second World War such as bunkers, equipment used by Allied forces, command and observation posts. Juno Park also features several commemorative plaques and monuments, dedicated to remembrance.

This guide allows you to organize your own route around the Park freely. To help you, it contains a map and some information on the various points to visit in the Park. A complete visit will take about 2 hours.

This guide is a way to complete the Juno Park guided tours proposed by the Canadian guides of the museum.

The guide is available for 1 € at the museum’s shop, in French and English.

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