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| October 15, 2015

On October 10, 2015, the Juno Beach Centre marked a new millstone at the museum with the launch of two mobile applications. The objective of these new interactive tools is to provide visitors with an enhanced experience while visiting the Centre. “Explore Juno Beach Centre” is a free mobile app for families, and “Race Against the Clock” is aimed at school groups for ages 11+.

The inauguration was attended by Mr Raphael CHAUVOIS,  vice-president of the Conseil régional de Basse-Normandie in charge of Economy and Toursim, Mr Amine HAMOUCHE, deputy director of DIRECCTE and in charge of the mission for economical development  of SGAR (Préfecture de Région) et Madame Anne BOUCKER, IPR Histoire géographie de l’académie de Caen.

This project, which was  developed in collaboration with the Caen start-up Normandy Audio Tours, was selected through a call for projects on digital services for remembrance tourism in Normandy in 2014.

LANCEMENT TABLETTE 10102015 crédit photo Hélène MARTIN (111)

Speech by Mr Amine HAMOUCHE, Deputy Director at DIRECCTE and in charge of the mission for economical development at SGAR (Préfecture de Région)

Photo: Hélène Martin.


Introduction – Remembrance Tourism

France has several memorial sites and their visitation constitutes an important aspect of the country’s tourism draw. Every year these sites bring in about 20 million visitors. Remembrance tourism is a civic and educational duty, a heritage to pass on to future generations.

In Lower-Normandy

Lower Normandy is the French region with the most memorial sites in France. At the national level, our region hosts close to one quarter of memory-related visitors. And for the single department of Calvados, the figure accounts for 16 million euros, the largest number in France.

Indirectly, this industry generates 124 million euros in economic benefits. By this figure, we see that tourism has an effect on the entire economy.

Le Contrat de destination

The State therefore wishes to build remembrance tourism. Notably by the signing of two contrats de destination: “Centenaire de la grande guerre” in November 2013 and “Tourisme de Mémoire en Normandie” in February 2014, during the regional conferences of tourism in Caen.

Le Contrat de destination “Tourisme de Mémoire en Normandie”

Le contrat de destination, “Tourisme de Mémoire en Normandie,” is promoted by the state and managed by the Lower Normandy region. It brings together public and private actors of the territory around a destination with international resonance.

This contract pursues two objectives:

  • That Normandy becomes THE destination of peace, reconciliation, and freedom.
  • To develop offers for an international clientele, but also for younger generations.

It is with this perspective that the state and the region in 2014 and 2015 initiated a call for projects on digital services for remembrance tourism.

The Juno Beach Centre

The Juno Beach Centre responded to this call, offering a first; an educational approach to making visits more fun and interactive. It is a young museum, and has only been open 12 years. But it is a ‘must see’ destination. The director, Nathalie Worthington, and her team have given it soul, all the while being very Professional. And we are certain this place will be a success.


The State counts on sites like Juno Beach to achieve expected excellence. This centre is a real example of this.
So, who better than an anonymous visitor to talk about this museum?

Here is the last TripAdvisor notice, posted by Fabien:

“The museum is more than 10 years old but it looks brand new. Its success rests on the quality of its staff, young Canadians who have smiles, humour, and knowledge that will make your visit an excellent souvenir. This museum is the only one to recount the battle of Normandy from the Canadian point of view. Evidently, it is a museum that should be visited if you want to think outside the box of the regular accounts of D-Day, while keeping an impeccable quality of content.”

So, thank you to Fabien, and also thank you to the Juno Beach Centre. I thank you for your attention.



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