Special day for the Juno Beach Centre staff

| February 1, 2021

Today was a special day for the staff of the Juno Beach Centre to finish the annual month of maintenance at the museum.

We visited the WIP and the Micro Folie space in Colombelles to discover an innovative Third Place and a place of digital museology. Thank you to Ophélie and Erwan for welcoming us and also to Marc Pottier, Mayor of Colombelles who facilitated our visit. Congratulations to this place of work and culture, which is both splendid and inspiring for the JBC within its reflection on sustainable development. Hopefully we will all soon be able to reopen our doors to our public and develop all our creative and innovative potential, each in our own way.

Back on Juno, the museum team cleaned the beach. This is an important action because a lot of garbage was found on the beach and on the Juno Park. Cans, clothes, cigarettes, plastic, masks, bottles, an audio cassette, a beach towel, a large tire were found on the sand and in the dunes.

We must all do our bit!

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