Temporary exhibitions

The Juno Beach Centre helps to give visitors a better understanding of the contribution that Canada made to the Second World War. At the same time, by showcasing contemporary Canada, the Centre allows visitors to learn more about Canadian values and culture. The permanent and temporary exhibits alternate between areas of emotion, reflection, discovery and remembrance, eliciting the visitor’s participation.

Great Women During the War: 1939 — 1945

Until December 31, 2020

An exhibition developed by the Canadian War Museum, in partnership with the Juno Beach Centre. Temporary exhibition Room. Visit included in the museum rate. Visit of the temporary exhibition: 4€.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Maple Leaves and Tulips: 75 Years, Then & Now

Starting February 1, 2020

This exhibition, developed and presented by the Juno Beach Centre in partnership with the Liberation Route Europe Foundation, commemorates the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe to highlight the major role played by Canadians during the Liberation of the Netherlands in the final nine months of the Second World War. Historical moments are evoked in order to illustrate the strong ties that united the two countries during the terrible winter of 1945.

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