Sustainable Development

Faced with the global environmental disaster that asserts itself a little more each day and that threatens peace in the world, we began asking ourselves some questions: What have we done with the peace obtained by the Allied Forces in Europe in 1944? What are we going to do with it in the future?

As a place of memory and learning about the history of Canadians during the Second World War, the Juno Beach Centre has answered those questions by committing to adopt a sustainable development approach to our operations. We are doing our part to  protect the world our Second World War veterans fought to leave a better place.


This 5-minute animation summarizes our approach:

Our project is supported by the Normandy Region.

It is sponsored in spirit by Jean Jouzel, climatologist, and supported by François-Marie Bréon, physicist-climatologist, at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences near Paris, France.

We will regularly post additional information about the pillars of our action plan here, namely the national and international objectives, and the principles we have committed to adopt at the JBC to reduce the carbon footprint of the museum, promote a circular economy, and engage our partners and museum visitors.




What You Need to Know

Learn more about sustainable development and what it means as a global movement to combat climate change.

What Action is the Juno Beach Centre Taking?

Check back often to find out how the JBC is putting action behind our belief that climate change is an urgent battle in which we all have a role to play.