The Juno Beach Centre offers visitors a better understanding of the contribution that Canada made to the Second World War. At the same time, by showcasing contemporary Canada, the Centre allows visitors to learn more about Canadian values and culture. The permanent and temporary exhibits alternate between areas of emotion, reflection, discovery, and remembrance, eliciting the visitor’s participation. The temporary exhibitions presented in the exhibition room, in the museum lobby, or online deepen and extend the visitor’s experience.

The Explore Juno circuit is a common thread through the museum that facilitates family or classroom visits.

The Juno Park, which surrounds the museum, allows visitors to explore the historic site through the remains of the Atlantic Wall.

To complete its rich content offering, the Juno Beach Centre regularly schedules events to discover Canadian culture or participate in commemorative ceremonies.

Since 2019, the Juno Beach Centre has been committed to a responsible social and environmental approach thanks to a global strategy of sustainable development which notably involves the calculation and limitation of its carbon footprint.