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| April 21, 2020

Everyone involved with the Juno Beach Centre from staff to guides, directors of the board and volunteers has a passion for honouring those Canadians who served in the Second World War and ensuring their lives, their sacrifices and the history they lived are remembered.

Some are lucky enough to share experiences with veterans that transcend time and bring to life the true courage of those who were part of some of the most pivotal moments in modern history.

Peter Moffatt, vice-president of JBCA Board of Directors remembers one such moment:

💬 In June 2009, my wife Neeta and I had the privilege of meeting the veterans who were profiled for our “Veterans’ Voices” exhibition. One of these veterans was Sam Wormington. One of the many events we attended that week was the D-Day ceremony for the town of Bernières-sur-Mer on Juno Beach. Neeta and I stood with Sam for the ceremony (he insisted on standing). He was wearing his uniform from 1944, which he was proud to note still fit him. While we were waiting for the ceremony to start, Sam pointed to two houses that looked out over the ocean and told us that he walked ashore on June 12, 1944 between those two houses. It was a powerful moment and one that I will always remember. Sam passed away in April 2011.

The Veterans’ Voices exhibition will soon be available online.

Pictured: Sam Worthington, June 2009


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