Maple Leaves and Tulips now presented in the Netherlands

| April 22, 2016

The Maple Leaves and Tulips exhibit arrived at the Canadian Embassy in The Hague this week. This exhibit which was created in 2015 by the Juno Beach Centre where it was on display in 2015, is now going to travel in the Netherlands.

“We put it onto display in the main corridor so that all the staff could see it.  They were all very impressed and our Consular Affairs officer asked immediately if he could use the Immigration themed panels in our front visitor’s waiting room as it is frequented with Dutch/Canadians who are sorting out passports, etc.  On Wednesday the exhibit got its first public display at the Official Residence of Ambassador Nolke (pictured). The panels were set in the main foyer and viewed by the many visitors who were attending the unveiling of a ‘Freedom’ memorial statue for her garden (the artist is pictured alongside Amb Nolke beside the monument).

Representatives of the National Liberation Museum were present and view the exhibit for the first time. Our first public exhibition is planned. The Royal Canadian Legion – Branch 005 Netherlands – has borrowed 9 panels for display at the 5 May Liberation Festival to be held in Wageningen, NL.

We thank you all for your generous support of this endeavor. I think it is great that this wonderful exhibit will endure and continue to educate young and old about the wonderful shared history of Canada and The Netherlands.

This is a great example of excellent collaboration between JBC, VAC, DND and GAC.  Well done and thanks!”

Mike Hogan Colonel, RCAF
Defence Attaché to The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden & Finland
Embassy of Canada
The Hague – The Netherlands

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