Victor Timmins’ medals

On the occasion of her visit of the Juno Beach Centre, Janet (Timmins) Dauphinee shared a message of the Veteran’s Book, in memory of her father, Victor Ernest Timmins, Airplane mechanic attached to the 443rd Hornet Squadron who, upon arriving in Normandy was put in charge of establishing an airfield at Sainte-Croix-sur-Mer.

« So great to see your medals and photo here in the Juno Beach Centre. You would be so pleased that they found a home here and that we came all this way to see them. RIP Dad, we are so very proud of you !»

Victor Timmins died on January 92006, and his children then donated a number of his belongings to the museum, including his medals which are on display in the Juno Beach Centre medal furnisher.



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