Hell’s Corner

On June 7th 1944, The North Nova Scotia Highlanders, with tank support from the 27th Canadian Armoured Regiment (Sherbrooke Fusiliers), reached the villages of les Buissons, Buron and Authie, almost reaching their D-Day objective, the city of Caen. Overrun in Authie and Buron by savage counterattacks from the 25th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment, part of the 12th SS HitlerJugend division. The frontline was drawn in the village of les Buissons. Transformed into fortress, the 9th Brigade would resist German repeated counter attacks and heavy shelling for a whole month. The Brigade never retreated. The area near Villons-les-Buissons was dubbed “Hell’s Corner” by the Canadians. The costly but successful attacks on the Carpiquet aerodrome, launched on July 4th would help break this stalemate.

Suggested reading:

Marc Milner, Canadian Military History magazine, Laurier Centre.


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