La Régiment de Maisonneuve at the JBC

We have had a very busy week at the Centre, earlier we were honoured to meet with Monsieur Jean TREMPE, a French Canadian veteran from the Maisonneuve Regiment, who fought some of the hardest operations of the Battle of Normandy in late July 1944. Mr. Trempe was accompanied by Capitaine ROQUETTE, the regiment’s correspondent, as well as M. Boyer, the Maisonneuve’s regimental Padre, generously hosting them were the Mayor of the city of IFS, Mr. PATARD-LEGENDRE and his wife, and Mr. BOUILLON, city counseller, and his wife. Mr. Trempe was 19 years old when he arrived in Normandy, it was his first time back to Normandy. His visit to the Canadian cemetery at Bény sur Mer was especially moving for him.  Mr. Trempe has been hosted all week by a Norman family, as well the towns of Fleury sur Orne and Ifs, for their official commemorations this year.

A genuine example of the friendship ties between France and Canada that subsist 70 years after the Battle of Normandy.



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