Georgetown Children’s Choir at the JBC

| July 21, 2017

It was a pleasure to welcome the Georgetown Children’s Choir to the JBC today. Over two dozen members travelled from their home in Ontario to visit and perform at various locations throughout France in commemoration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, and the Battle of Vimy Ridge centennial.

For the trip, the choir invited alumni performers and members of Georgetown Chorale Society, thereby making it a family affair with children, parents and grandparents all taking part. The beautiful combination of voices and harmonies was very well received by the crowd of visitors that gathered for the concert.

The choir also has a unique link to the Juno Beach Centre. Georgetown happens to be the location where the JBC’s memorial sculpture “Remembrance and Renewal” was made by Canadian artist Colin Gibson. Much like the sculpture honours the sacrifices of those who participated in the war effort, so too did the choir.

Before leaving, poppies were laid by choir members including the president Lois Elliott Fraser and her daughter Joanna, the director. Lois’ message read “in honour of my father, John Alwyn Elliott, RCN who was present at Juno Beach on HMCS on Juno 6, 1944”.


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